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The self-cleaning filterrakes made by VDZ Aqua are designed to be used in industrial as well as domestic wastewater. The filter systems are placed in a wastewater channel where very small particles even smaller than 1mm are filtered out of the wastewater. The filterrake is used in the meat industry, chemical industry, tanneries, breweries, potato processing, and wastewater of gas stations.


The filterrake has a moveable filter belt that is placed in an open channel which filters big particles out of the wastewater. 


When placing the Filterrake in the channel, the system is fastened to the walls and made waterproof by means of waterproof flaps to make sure all the wastewater is forced through the filter surface.


The purpose of the filterrake is to remove the solid parts and particles from the wastewater with help of continuous moving screens. At the same time, these particles are transported to a container and it is kept there for disposal or further processing.


The separation of solid particles from the filterrake is thanks to the special shape of the filter and because of the self-cleaning movement of the filter screens in the upper part of the installation.


The standard filterrakes have a filter surface with openings of 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, or 15mm.


The filterrake comes in stainless steel as a standard system but can also be supplied in galvanized steel.


The shaft is made of stainless steel and the filter screens are made of a combination between stainless steel and a type of plastic.

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Unique and highly efficient VDZ aeration system

Based on our experience and know-how we created an aeration system that is more reliable, uses fewer parts but also makes more white water than traditional systems.

Small footprint

Our innovations have led to more flexible designs which can be built to a smaller footprint compared to traditional systems.

Low cost of operation

Through optimization of all aspects of the system, our treatments use less power, chemicals, and maintenance compared to the traditional systems.

Our Story

VDZ group of companies is family-run and values cooperation and team effort.

The basis of VDZ Aqua lays in 1982 when Jan van Sinderen started at Pielkenrood and was later strongly involved in the founding of Nijhuis water technology. In 1995 his son Bas joined him in the industry.

So our solutions are based on 40 years of experience in the wastewater treatment industry in combination with the thorough process know-how of our clients.

Based on this also developed an advanced and more efficient new aeration system. This is implemented in our plants to build very efficient water treatments with ease of use and a low cost of operation.

Thanks to our sister company VDZ trading we have the ability to provide used equipment as well. In this case, we replace all critical components with new ones and implement the latest developments and technologies. This greatly reduces the ecological footprint of the installation while maintaining our high-quality standards.

Now at VDZ Aqua, we combine all of this know-how into comprehensive packages and solutions for our customers.

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